Kansas Master Ground-Water Well Inventory

A Kansas Water Office, State Water Plan Funded Project
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The Kansas Master Ground-water Well Inventory (MWI) is a central repository that imports and links together the State's primary ground-water well data sets- KDHE's WWC5, KDA-DWR's WIMAS, and KGS' WIZARD into a single, online source. The most "accurate" of the common source fields are used to represent the well sites, for example- GPS coordinates if available are used over other methods to locate a well. The MWI maintains the primary identification tags to allow specific well records to be linked back to the original data sources.
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For information on the Master Well Inventory database or if you think an assigned well join is incorrect, please contact Brownie Wilson (bwilson@kgs.ku.edu, 785-864-2118).
For web page or internet based comments, please contact webadmin@kgs.ku.edu.
MWI Retrieval Program updated May, 2012. Data added continously.